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Le Train de nulle part , a novel without verbs. To many people, War and Peace is remembered because it's one of the longest classic narratives ever written. The Cormoran Strike Novels jumped from relative obscurity to bestsellers after it turned out that their author was actually none other than J. Woman's World by Graham Rawle is notable as it was created solely using clippings from old magazines.

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More here. Hun er vred "She is angry" is a feminist post-colonial novel by Maja Lee Langvald. It's a harsh critique of the international adoption industry. But what gets it the most attention from people is that every single paragraph in the entire novel starts with the words "She is angry. Opinions vary on whether or not it is also a good novel. Toni Morrison 's short story "Recitatif" is mainly known for two things: 1 Being Morrison's only published short story.

Live-Action TV. The Charmed episode "Cat House" was marketed around the fact that it was a unique spin on the Clip Show - Phoebe and Paige would be sent back in time, and be superimposed over clips of previous episodes. There was a lot of buzz over how they would get around showing clips of Prue - as Shannen Doherty had forbidden the producers from ever using archive footage of her. The result was one shot of Prue from behind which was done by a stunt double and a clip from when she was turned into a dog. The album Neptune by "one man band" Celluloid is notable for being entirely played on the Mellotron.

Foo Fighters released Sonic Highways in Though it was fairly well-reviewed overall, the main grab was that it featured eight songs about major cities recorded in said cities.

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The accompanying documentary miniseries emphasized this point further. Erik Satie's "Vexations" is a single page of piano music with a suggestion to play it times in a row. The first performance to follow Satie's suggestion to the letter took place in , with a tag team of pianists, and lasted over 18 hours. While critics are mixed on the quality of Guns N' Roses 's forever-delayed Chinese Democracy , fans are amazed it was released at all.

Gustav Mahler 's eighth symphony for large orchestra and multiple choruses was billed in its premiere as "Symphony of a Thousand" most modern performances fall a few hundred short of that number ; Mahler privately mocked this, calling it a "Barnum and Bailey production.

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What makes it fascinating is that it is performed by miniature autonomous robotic helicopters. John Cage's 'composition', 4'33". It's famous for being "four minutes and 33 seconds of silence", often either regarded as a sublime anti-music or an Emperor's New Clothes of modern art. More technically, it's not silence but ambient white noise: literally the sound of a pianist sitting there quietly in front of an audience for four minutes and thirty-three seconds and not playing.

Karlheinz Stockhausen's opera Light contains a piece that is supposed to be played by a string quartet sitting in four different flying helicopters, their music then transmitted to a big hangar for people to listen to.

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  8. Another Stockhausen opus, Gruppen , calls for three separate orchestras to perform equally distant from the audience. This plan doesn't fit with many concert halls. Leif Inge's 9 Beet Stretch is a performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony which typically runs minutes digitally stretched to 24 hours without pitch shifting. Much of the early press surrounding Little Big Town made note of the fact that all four members alternate as lead singers , then a really novel concept for a country group.

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    Fortunately, they've also been able to prove themselves as more than just a novelty by having put out a string of well-received albums. Jazz pianist Joey Alexander gained attention even outside the usual jazz circles for being a child prodigy, who released his first album when he was 11 years old. He has the chops to live up to the hype, and he's played with big names in jazz like Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra. Much of the hype surrounding Billy Gilman when the thenyear-old country singer from Rhode Island charted "One Voice" in was about the fact that he was the youngest male artist to score a country hit.

    That novelty, combined with the song's narm , wore off fast , and Gilman was never heard from again. If the country band Ricochet is remembered for anything other than their only remembered song "Daddy's Money", it's for the fact that they were not only the first country artist ever to chart a rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner", but also that said rendition was one of only a very small number of a cappella songs to enter the country charts a feat they later repeated with a rendition of "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" that garnered some seasonal airplay. The Traveling Wilburys were a highly successful band with a very devoted following, but most of their fame comes from the fact that they're generally considered the most ambitious supergroup collaboration in history.

    Even to people who've never heard their music, the simple fact that those five musicians performed in a band together is pretty impressive. Most of the YouTube commenters — many of whom don't even speak Norwegian — admit that they're only there to hear Carlsen rap. In general, as pinball machines were originally marketed to operators, who would put them out in public for people to play, advertising for them tended to be more about unique gimmicks and other novelties than about the gameplay itself, as operators were not necessarily players and thus were more likely persuaded on gimmicks and novelties than how good the game actually played.

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    Rather than talk about, say, The Addams Family 's intricate depth, its challenging yet fair difficulty, or its scoring oriented around Competitive Balance , it was easier to convince operators to buy the game because Thing comes out of a box and grabs the ball! Or hidden magnets swing the ball around in unpredictable directions! Black Hole was the first machine to popularize multi-level playfields—in this case, a smaller one beneath the main one, seen through a window.

    The artwork on the backglass up top also has a large spinning mirrored disk, creating a Droste Image of a rampaging black hole. Black Knight had a related concept: The split-level playfield, where the top half is elevated compared to the bottom half. This proved popular enough to inspire Follow the Leader for its competitors, at least for a brief while.

    Its sequel, Black Knight , had the same gimmick, only now it was advertised to have a full-length song with vocals playing in the background. Centigrade 37 integrated a thermometer into the artwork whose mercury would rise as the game is played. The game itself is well-liked up to the present, but the thermometer was such a big part of the artwork that it would've been the first thing most people would see, especially to onlookers watching it rise as someone plays it. Firepower proudly proclaimed that it had "Multiball" a mode in which 2 or more balls are in play at a time all over it: On its logo, on the artwork, on the sides of the machine, and all over its marketing, enough that Williams Electronics trademarked the word.

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    In addition, there was a spinning roulette wheel that the ball could fall into and a set of drop targets with stand-up targets behind them that would generate poker hands based on the order they're hit. Jurassic Park was shown off and remembered for two things: The Raptor Kick, in which a ball going up a dead-end path would then be shot back to the flippers by a solenoid at a very fast speed; and a Tyrannosaurus rex head that would bend down and swallow the ball.

    The former gimmick actually worked , however, in that the phrase "Raptor Kick" would from then on become the fan term for any time this assembly reappeared in a pinball machine. It helped that players genuinely liked the gameplay as a whole. The T. Rex eating the ball, on the other hand, was prone to mechanical problems and thus rarely imitated.

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    Orbitor 1 's appeal is solely that its playfield is not entirely flat, but is instead warped transparent plastic, causing the ball to travel unusual paths. Sometimes, a point would be made that the machine was designed by a NASA astrophysicist. Aside from that, the playfield itself was pretty empty, making the games incredibly boring.

    The Dancing Bear

    The draw of Predator was almost solely in the fact that it was being made and manufactured by a company other than Stern , which at that point was the only manufacturer of pinball machines larger than a garage and the only one big enough to secure licensed properties. This company, Skit-B, was seen among pinball fans largely as a fresh and young competitor for the then-stagnent Stern, and the fans paid relatively little attention to the game itself compared to it being a Stern alternative. The main draw of Space Shuttle , whenever it would appear in arcades and other public places, was an accurate scale model of a NASA shuttle placed onto the playfield.

    Straightforward as it was, this actually worked incredibly well: As such levels of detail could not be replicated in video games at the time, Space Shuttle proved to be very popular for pinball , getting pinball out of the slump it had in the mid's. It worked so well, it became standard for pinball machines released afterwards to have a model of something on the playfield somewhere.

    The pinball machine for Starship Troopers focused on two easily noticeable aspects: A pretty large model of a Brain Bug that would normally stay hidden but would pop up for you to hit with the ball during certain times; and a third flipper, smaller than the other two and colored red, controlled by a third button on the side of the machine.

    TRON: Legacy , prior to its release, was frequently boasted to have original music by Daft Punk in the game, more so than anything about how the game actually played. The flyers distributed to operators for The Twilight Zone had a large part dedicated to the gumball machine in the corner: This one is filled with pinballs, and when you deposit a ball behind it, the handle on the gumball machine would turn on its own and provide you with a replacement ball.

    TX-Sector proudly advertised its so-called "teleporting balls": Two pinballs were kept in reserve at various spots, ready to be released under certain conditions, creating the illusion that a single ball teleported elsewhere. Arguably, the large monitor in The Wizard of Oz is this. Though downplayed in the promotional materials for this machine, it was the first mass-produced pinball machine to have a full-size flat-screen monitor embedded in it, which is a lot more colorful, bigger, brighter, and most importantly, a lot more modern-looking than the single-color dot-matrix displays Jersey Jack Pinball 's competitors were using at the time, and thus draws a lot of attention from onlookers and passers-by.

    Operators with a Wizard of Oz machine and no other monitor-based pinball machines claim that Oz brings in at least several times as many players as their dot-matrix display or older machines. Although The Wizard of Oz is a solid game in its own right, only time will tell if this novelty continues to last as more machines are released with monitors like this one. Xenon 's gimmick was that it was the first large-scale release of a pinball machine to have pre-recorded voice clips. As it was released in , right when computer technology became small enough to fit in a pinball machine, it took a lot of work to produce the equipment to get the several seconds' worth of those recordings.

    The designers and engineers sure as heck weren't going to let that go by unnoticed. In turn, the marketing for Gorgar was completely about how the various voice clips for the titular creature could be spliced together to form other phrases. Puppet Shows. The Muppet Movie had an extremely well-received scene of Kermit riding a bicycle when he first sets out on his journey to become a Hollywood star.

    This scene was popular because it was assumed that it must have been difficult to film, but it was actually pretty easy to film and, to the annoyance of the producers, it took focus away from the extremely difficult scene in which Gonzo is carried away by a bunch of balloons. The Muppets focused on and was marketed almost entirely on the basis of "Holy shit, the Muppets are back! Puppet shows are not typical content for anime streaming sites, to say the least, so the medium made up most of the message; any discussion of it centers on the strangeness of watching Taiwanese puppet theatre scripted by a famous anime writer.