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Thank you Josh. I can only boast on God and His glory, may He alone be glorified but I do appreciate your kind words my friend. I praise the Lord. God enabled me to understand from your simple elaboration. An article like this is a great display of Spiritual discernment of the Word on your part Jack.

Something everyone who is a believer should ask God for myself included. Like Ranjan i have finally really really understood the meaning of this parable, thanks to your simple yet deep analysis of this great parable.

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As i read this article i thought i need to just get a reminder of what Faith is and wow right there towards the end Hebrews Bible Study on Faith!!!! Hi Jack. The Lord bless you. It is exiting to note how symbolic the mustard is.

It is enlighenning and informative to realize what ones faith in Christ can achieve if well nourished and nurtured. God bless. Thank you Rajulas. You are such an encourager my friend.

Parable of the Mustard Seed

May God richly bless you for your words of edification. I never looked at it that way before. O what a Mighty God. The God who is present everywhere absent nowhere. Man of God,since i got yr site i am so blessed bcos every day i grow spiritually. Thank you so much Rebecca.

Parable of the Mustard Seed

You are more than too kind. What can I boast about? Nothing, for what do I have that I did not receive 1 Cor 4 and to truly, all glory goes to God our Lord.

My pastor came up to me this past Sunday and said here I brought you something back because he had to leave on a trip a week prior to that.. I put my hand out and it was a little square paper with a mustered seed tapped all around it. He said just a little bit a faith can help move mountains. Remind you I never told him i was having trouble finding faith or the lord and my husband works with him off and on through the church and not even my husband knows I am having difficulties. That made me think so hard on how no one knew and he only brought me something back, and of all things it was a mustered seed!

That brought some faith in knowing God is trying to reach out to me and tell me having just a little bit of faith as small as a mustered seed can bring you a long way! Pretty amazing Megan. Thank you for your comment. Well done Pr. Thank you so much my friend.

Greetings to you there in Uganda from America. I am so glad you liked this but all glory is to Christ and to Him alone. Many people believe Jesus was talking about Small Faith. But this is about unwavering faith. For example: take Hot pepper and grow it with parsley you will get a spicy parsley. That is what Jesus is referring to and the people then knew that. No changing or wavering in your faith like a mustard seed never changes or weavers it will always be a mustard seed that grows into a mustard tree. They were added by someone. The seed never doubts that it will grow up to out size all other seeds that we plant in our gardens.

If it has any faith ,that faith would fill it up!!! We need to be more aware of what our rational minds should see, not just listen to teachers.

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Use the mind that God gave you! Thank you Rey for your encouragement. You can certainly print it out and make copies if you wish. We too have a mentoring program sort of like a discipling of others so may God richly bless you in this growing in His grace and in His knowledge for His glory. I love the view n enlighting……Seed is a begining of a new life or tree….. As faith is the begining of new life in Christ….. Seed new some element to geminate …..

Christ is the living water n the everlasting light……if we allow our seed of faith to use the living water n the warmth of the true light….. Let me add a revelation to this comparison that Holy Spirit gave me recently. It is not so much about your mustard-seed-faith as it is about knowing and trusting the power, the DUNAMIS, that operates through you, i. What is, is to know the dunamis Power in which you operate, and your authority in Christ, that is what will move the mountain. Thank you brother… i will be preaching this Sunday about faith.. Pastor Jack, this message has changed my life for the better, especially as we begin the new year.

I thank God for directing me to this message.

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I have read each word and paragraph prayerfully. I need more of your spirit-led articles. God bless you and I look forward to increasing my faith in God and my abilities and talents… Amen. Praise the Lord for your faith.

Mustard Seed Faith by Josh Herring

It is all because of Him. I am only an unworthy servant doing his duty so all glory to God Psalm but thank you for the encouragement my friend. Hi Jack, the article is powerful 5 year later and counting! The mustard seed is faith, the Kingdom.

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Small yet resilient, powerful, strong. I need, in my life faith as a mustard seed. Please do pray for me. I need it. Wonderful article on the mustard seed. I had never studied the mustard seed before. Request permission to use the mustard seed information on our Bible study website.

I might shorten it retaining its content. We will cite your work. Our Bible study website; CleanBible. Please advise, Alan. You are welcome to use an shortened version and give the author credit. PS…your website looks terrific. Nicely done. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Subscribe me to your newsletter. Faith requires a commitment.