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Fences have been erected by clinic operators in a few cities, windows have been bolted shut at many clinics and some doctors have taken to wearing bulletproof vests. Mindful of a recent tide of abortion-related violence--capped by the March slaying of a Florida doctor--some authorities say they fear the coming days will bring ugly confrontations.

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Following a national trend, the San Jose City Council--led by Mayor Susan Hammer, who campaigned on an abortion rights platform--has adopted two ordinances aimed at curbing the protests. Lansdowne said extra special operations officers will be on duty to patrol the protests, with hundreds of others at the ready. Officers assigned to arrest violators, he added, were hand-picked for such work.

Similar preparations have been underway in other targeted communities.

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In Philadelphia, the city council passed a law protecting access to clinics and police encircled them with metal barricades to discourage protests. In Minnesota, Atty.

Operation Rescue: Classic Documentary on the Pro-Life Rescue Movement

Hubert H. Humphrey III--anticipating trouble in the target city of Minneapolis--sent Operation Rescue a letter, warning that physical interference with the right to obtain an abortion would not be tolerated. And an eight-foot chain link fence was erected around a Planned Parenthood clinic in a Minneapolis suburb. Operation Rescue leaders on Friday accused state police of brutality.

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Authorities deny the charges. July 11, Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The Associated Press. Niels Lesniewski. Save for later.

Rescuing the Nation: Operation Rescue and the Rise of Anti-Abortion Militance

The leader of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue wants GOP delegates to hold off on formally nominating Mitt Romney until funding is promised to the Senate campaign of Rep. Todd Akin Mo. Stericycle is a medical waste disposal company in which Bain Capital invested, according to Mother Jones.