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Most viewed articles in the past 24 hours. Toddler death Two-year-old girl dies after being found with serious injuries at Cork apartment. Most Commented. Most commented articles in the past 3 days. As he slid behind the wheel of his Baby, he considered ways to make it up to Cas. He could stop at a grocery on the way home and grab the stuff to make burgers.

The store was nearly abandoned as Dean pushed his cart through the aisles. He pondered buns for a while, vacillating between kaiser and pretzel. He added that to a mental checklist for next time, and threw some yeast in the cart as well.

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Dean looked over at the dude. That would be damn tasty. Yeah, Sriracha ketchup, hand cut sweet potato fries, and the quality, grass-fed, organic ground beef.

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  • Sam would eat too, if the damn Sasquatch knew what was good for him. In the produce department, Dean chose some red onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, and radishes, mentally putting together a nice salad to go with the burgers. He was picking out sweet potatoes for the fries when he caught the eye of the rosemary man again. The guy had a full cart of stuff, including herbs, candles, salt, and a bunch of other odds and ends. Mainly, the jar of what looked like some kind of animal blood in the top of the cart. His own cart forgotten, Dean kept a slight distance, observing the man as he finished shopping.

    He felt somewhat vindicated for being a paranoid hunter when the man reached for his wallet and Dean caught sight of some sort of arcane tattoo on the inside of his wrist. He could attribute his long life to one important thing: being a smarter than average hunter. Therefore, instead of loading his beloved Colt M Dean was, after all, a reasonable man.

    He knew there were witches in this world that had not arrived at their powers through nefarious read: demonic means. As were Max Banes and his mother, Tasha.

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    So, it was likely that Witch Man was a peaceable member of society. As such, he could potentially be an ally. Dean had learned the value of allies in the last several years. No point making an enemy where there might not be one. He yawned, leaning back in the seat. Witch Man had a cute little Craftsman house.

    It was white clapboard, two stories with a dormer upstairs. The front porch was lined with healthy plants, with more flowers lining the flagstone path to the mailbox. Flowers spilled out of window boxes, while vines climbed a lamp post near the driveway. There was an attached garage, but the GTO was left on the street.

    Dean figured the dude did his witchy business in the garage or something. Dean yawned again. Why the hell was he so tired? Rubbing his eyes, he squinted through the window at the house. The tiredness became oddly overwhelming.

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    Dean was struck with the urge to lie down on the seat and sleep for a few minutes. The man muttered an incantation and Dean felt his entire body go boneless. He slumped into the passenger side. Witch Man fired up the Impala and shifted into gear. From his position on the seat, all Dean could see was the stars outside the window. He was utterly paralyzed, and knew he should be pissed, or at least panicking, but Dean just lay there, accepting his helplessness. The car shut off, and he could hear the noisy creak of a garage door closing.

    As if Dean would be able to do anything else. A black wrought iron chandelier was hanging over his head, and on it, six thick, black candles flickered. Whatever he was lying on was cold and hard against his naked back. All of him appeared to be naked, although something silky was draped over his prone body.

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    Fuck my luck , he thought irritably. I put items in my cart for the sole purpose of catching your attention. I've been waiting for you for nearly a century. You're the last part, the last thing I need to realize my full potential. The power in both of your auras is stunning, but your aura is a little bit purer than Sam's. Armond had moved away from Dean, and since Dean was still paralyzed and unable to turn his head to see what the witch was doing, he relied on his hearing for clues.

    Glass jars were opened and closed. A drawer was slid out. Something wooden scraped against a countertop. There was the gritty sound of a mortar and pestle.