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Que faire dans les parcs et jardins parisiens?

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How do the French create the alluringly beautiful sanctuaries they call home — formal yet comfortable, organized yet casual, filled with decorative objects that are also a practical part of their everyday lives? What may feel effortless is not, of course, and in Home Sweet Maison, Danielle Postel-Vinay shares what she has learned about the French art of making a home. Through a transformative friendship with a Frenchwoman who mentored her in the good life, her marriage to a Parisian man, and years of immersive research while living in France, Postel-Vinay learned the true essence of how the French live la belle vie.

The Practical: how to use mise-en-place, or the French art of organization, in your kitchen, and how to find the right stain-removing potions to create your own French laundry. The Sensual: the way the French employ scent in their home as a personal signature.

Donald Tusk : "l'Amérique et l'Europe peuvent, doivent et vont travailler ensemble"

The Philosophical: the idea that every room in a French house has a specific purpose, and that the activity in one room should never bleed into the others. Sophisticated, charming, and aspirational, Home Sweet Maison is a unique look at how the French view their most intimate spaces, family life, and themselves.

With touches of history and how-to, Postel-Vinay explains the life-changing benefits of introducing French traditions and practices into your home. You may personalize the entrance to your apartment, make your dining room the soul of your home, or create a kitchen space that moves with the efficiency of a four-star restaurant, but more important, Home Sweet Maison shows that anyone, with any kind of living space, can create a sanctuary; a home filled with warmth and self-expression, better suited to living a rich, full, connected life.

Through addresses, carefully selected for their singularity—unusual museums, timeless brasseries, cool bistros, local markets, soul-filled shops, irresistible pastries, and romantic gardens—urban explorers will find a thousand reasons to walk the streets of Paris again and again, always discovering something new. He has problems with his extraordinary enemies — and friends.

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Publisher : Wombat. Alors nous veillons sur nos vocables, nous ne les abandonnons pas sur les palissades, nous ne les jetons pas aux oiseaux de proie, nous ne les dissipons pas dans les salons ou les lupanars. Ici le Parlement. Un classique. Londres, Enfin, Emmy va pouvoir entrer dans le vif du sujet, partir sur le front, se faire un nom au fil de la plume!

Francis Scott Fitzgerald fut un nouvelliste hors pair. The biggest and most beloved names in English literature have all been here, and you can still see or visit their stomping grounds and favorite places.

Philosophie, politique, actualité, littérature, arts

Moving through time and genre, from Spencer and Shakespeare to Amis and Barnes, from tragedy and romance to chick-lit and science fiction, Literary London is a snappy and informative guide, showing just why—as another famous local writer put it—he who is tired of London is tired of life. Pourquoi aller au lit? Parce que tout le monde le fait. Here is the selection for the week of June 28th :.

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The indispensable guide to recognize and taste the best of French cheese. Le perfect guide and souvenir for foreign tourists in France. In English or French. Here is the selection for the week of June 21st :. Discover the history of the Resistance or that of the Arabic world.. Africa, cinema, Egypt, history, impressionism, Middle Ages, music, ancient and contemporary art : all passions are to be satiated in the small and big museums of Paris! The best practical illustrated guide dedicated to all visitors eager to discover the treasures of the French Capital.

Packed with amusing anecdotes and true stories about the characters and places of the region. A must for anybody even thinking about crossing the Channel for the good life in rural France!

Continents in French

Every summer thousands of Brits and other Europeans head to the south west of France for bliss, beauty and freedom. Montage Georges Brun. La bataille d'Adoua, Le pays est avant tout rural. Montage Georges Bun, Photo Document Commons Wikimedia.

Présentation du Chili

Nicolas II reprend la direction du pays avec une Douma qui lui est soumise, exile les opposants et tombe sous la coupe de la tzarine et du sinistre Raspoutine Battus en Orient, les Russes se tournent vers les Balkans et la Perse. Les rues de Tokyo en Une capitale moderne. Tableau d'Anton von Werner L'entente cordiale: caricature de John Bernard Partridge parue dans l'hebdomadaire anglais Punch. Son discours provoque une granve crise internationale.

Présentation du Chili

La crise bosniaque de Sur cette question, voir aussi les travaux de Charnley et de Carey Voir par exemple le travail de Dew He specializes in travel literature, the subject of his doctoral thesis and several articles, and is interested in the different ways in which travel narratives circulate on the crossroads of book history, the history of ideas and the history of literary forms. He works on exoticism and the literature of contact of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Keywords: travel literature, travel narratives, research evaluation, decolonization, anthropology, gender studies, rehabilitation, poetics, history, alterity, text and image, reception, philosophy, colonial discourse, postcolonial theories, world history.

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