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Ross's paternal uncle, Charles Poldark, has a heart attack during the Christening of his grandson. On his deathbed, he asks Ross to look after his family, realising that Francis is not cut out for business. Verity, still pining for Captain Blamey, comes to stay and teaches Demelza the finer points of society, so that she is able to make a good impression when she and Ross are invited for Christmas to Francis and Elizabeth's home. The occasion, initially strained, is spoiled by the arrival of the uninvited Warleggans. Copper is finally discovered in Ross's mine, and Demelza announces to Ross she is pregnant; Ross finally tells her he loves her.

William McGregor. Ross's good friend, Dr Dwight Enys, arrives to study lung disease in miners. Demelza gives birth to a girl, Julia. George Warleggan buys shares in Ross's mine. Low copper prices from the smelting companies force the mine owners to secretly organise their own smelting company with Ross in charge. Demelza tries to organise a reunion between Verity and Captain Blamey. Mark, one of Ross's workers, falls in love with a travelling player, Keren, who has expectations that outweigh his means.

Francis, deeply in debt from his mismanagement of the mine, gambling, and spending on prostitute Margaret, finally gambles his mine. He loses, forcing its closure.

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Mark Daniel's new wife, Keren, sets her sights on Dr Enys. The Warleggans hold a ball at which Demelza blossoms, while a drunken Ross becomes involved in a card game with the judge who had incarcerated Jim Carter and the gambler who took Francis's mine. Verity is horrified when Captain Blamey also attends the party, and she is forbidden to see him again. George Warleggan discovers where the mine owners have been secretly smelting their copper.

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Verity elopes with Captain Blamey, and Francis blames Ross and severs all family ties. George Warleggan, seeking to undermine Ross's smelting operation, returns some of the money out of which Francis was cheated when gambling with Warleggan's cousin Matthew Sampson. In return, an enraged Francis gives George the identities of Ross's partners, most of whom owe money to the Warleggans, and George then calls in their debts.

Dr Enys is seduced by Keren, who is then confronted by a distraught Mark about her infidelity, with tragic consequences. After learning of Francis's anger towards Ross, Demelza confesses her part in Verity's elopement, and Ross realises how Warleggan has gained the information to bankrupt his business partners. Warleggan's plan to close Ross's smelting company comes to fruition when the company is outbid for the available copper.

George Warleggan celebrates by buying a ship.

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  • An epidemic of putrid throat diphtheria strikes down peasants and gentry alike, including Francis, Elizabeth, and their son. Demelza goes to their aid, and she and her own baby, Julia, also contract the disease. This results in Julia's premature death at age one and Demelza's lengthy illness, though she recovers with the help of Dr Enys. Warleggan's ship is wrecked off the coast of Ross's land, and starving mine workers descend upon the beach to take food and cargo that washes ashore.

    Ross rescues the surviving passengers and crew and takes them to his home. George's cousin Matthew Sampson dies in the wreck, and Ross is arrested for murder and wrecking, leaving Demelza distraught.

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    As Ross awaits his trial in Bodmin , Francis, Demelza and Elizabeth all try to rally support for him, but he adamantly dismisses their caring assistance. Francis sinks into depression and attempts suicide. Francis survives his suicide attempt. Demelza attempts to influence the judge in Ross's trial, but is thwarted by George Warleggan. George's agents also bribe potential witnesses, including Jud, and spread material damaging to Ross's reputation. Despite these events, Ross is found not guilty. Demelza discovers she is pregnant a second time. Francis and Elizabeth hold a harvest party, at which Ross indicates he still has feelings for Elizabeth.

    Demelza is wooed by Captain McNeil, but rejects his advances. Jud is beaten by Warleggan's men for testifying in Ross's favour at the trial. Ross and Demelza are forced to sell nearly all their belongings to pay an urgent debt. Dr Enys and Caroline are becoming attracted to one another; Francis and Ross reconcile, with Ross realising their mutual enmity aids George's machinations. His debts force Ross to sell his shares in Wheal Leisure bought up by George and to enter into a deal with smugglers.

    Ross uses the money to re-open Wheal Grace mine, in partnership with Francis. George informs Ross that Francis gained the money for the venture by betraying him series one, episode seven , and Ross punches George. Ross later uses the information to pressure Francis into blessing Verity's marriage to Captain Blamey. Caroline and Dr Enys's growing relationship faces some hurdles over their differing values.

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    Caroline is forced to return to London. Demelza gives birth to a boy called Jeremy. Charles Palmer. George buys up Ross's debt, forcing Ross to Truro to seek a loan. An apparent informant in the smuggling ring makes Demelza nervous about Ross's involvement. Caroline returns to Cornwall, apparently to announce she is engaged to Unwin; but she rejects him and pursues Dr Enys. Elizabeth suggests she has feelings for Ross.

    Francis is drowned following an accident in the Wheal Grace mine. Ross faces debtors' prison, but is saved by an anonymous loan from Caroline Penvenen. Ross spends time with the widowed Elizabeth and uses his little remaining money to buy the Wheal Grace shares owned by Francis's son, Geoffrey Charles, angering Demelza.

    Thwarted in his plan to imprison Ross, George turns his attentions to Elizabeth, to the dismay of Aunt Agatha. Caroline's uncle and benefactor disapproves of her marrying Dr Enys.

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    Ross joins a smuggling party, hoping to gain information about Wheal Grace from Mark, formerly a miner and Keren's husband, but it proves a dead-end. Caroline and Dr Enys plan to elope, but Dr Enys experiences doubts and is called away by a medical emergency. Upset, Caroline returns to London. Dr Enys learns the identity of the smugglers' informant and warns Demelza. With her aid, Ross narrowly escapes the soldiers intercepting the smugglers, but is recognised. Ross and Dr Enys face trial for their part in aiding smugglers.

    Dr Enys's relationship with Caroline appears ended, and he considers joining the navy. Following a fatal cave-in, the apparently worthless Wheal Grace may be closed. Under pressure from debt and bogus tin prospectors hired by George , Elizabeth agrees to marry George Warleggan. Enraged, Ross rides to Trenwith and sleeps with Elizabeth.

    Ross and Demelza's relationship founders following his tryst with Elizabeth. Elizabeth postpones her wedding to George, expecting Ross to desire to become her husband. Ross does not contact her in the days after "that night".

    Angered and heartbroken, Demelza accepts an invitation to a ball where she attempts to seduce Captain McNeil, but conscience prevents her. Ross digs past the cave-in at Wheal Grace and discovers an enormous tin deposit.

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    Elizabeth marries George and informs him that she is pregnant. George plans to pursue the matter through the courts; he and Ross fist-fight until George's servants intervene. Dr Enys learns Caroline is engaged and decides to join the navy, but Ross arranges for them to meet in a tavern before Dr Enys embarks, where Caroline and Dr Enys pledge their love. She promises to wait for his return. George erects wooden fencing and barriers around Trenwith, barring a common path, and has his men beat and shoot at 'trespassers' including Demelza. Ross attempts to re-enlist in the army, but withdraws at the last moment upon hearing of a planned attack on Trenwith by angered villagers, led by Jud. Ross talks the villagers out of their attack, sweeps Demelza upon his horse and carries her home where the two are reconciled. Elizabeth Warleggan pretends that having fallen down the stairs has induced the birth of her baby.

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    George Warleggan names the boy Valentine. Aunt Agatha describes the boy as cursed, born under a black moon as Demelza and Elizabeth separately ponder the identity of the child's biological father. Dr Dwight Enys marries Caroline Penvenen during a brief shore-leave, but is called away shortly after to deliver Elizabeth's baby. On his deathbed, Caroline's Uncle Ray gives their marriage his blessing. Demelza's brothers Drake and Sam arrive and Ross and Demelza take them in. Ross and George have reached an apparent truce in their feud, agreeing to not see each other's families.

    Drake and Sam Carne ignore Ross's warnings and become George's tenants. Drake and Morwenna are falling in love while Sam wishes to use the church to preach. After the Carnes and their Methodist followers provoke George during a service, George has them banned from the church. Ross is offered the position as local magistrate, but rejects it; George ultimately becomes the magistrate.